Custom Engineering and Design

Purewater has the expertise and the capability to create a custom water treatment system for virtually any application, wether you need an industrial water treatment system, a commercial water system, or an residential water system, Purewater can create a treatment system for you that is designed to meet your specific needs. And, as a certified member of the U.S. Green Building Council, you can rest assured that the system that Purewater designs for you will not only meet all of your needs, but will also be environmentally friendly. Take a look at some of the custom industrial water systems that we created for others.


Greywater Treatment System

Purewater was contracted to create a custom greywater treatment system for a new corporate headquarters office building for a company in Kansas City, Missouri. The building is a six story office complex with an athletic club on the top floor. The greywater system that Purewater installed is designed and engineered to treate waste water (grey water) from laboratories and showers, store that water, and use that water to flush toilets in order to conserve on water usage. To learn more about this system, click here.


Industrial Geothermal HVAC Water Treatment System

Purewater was contracted by a company in Little Rock, Arkansas to create a high volume water treatement system to filter water used in an Industrial Geothermal HVAC Open Loop System. The copmany was dealing with the problem of high mineral content in the well water that was feeding their HVAC heat exchange units. We propesed designing a high volume filtration system to remove the extreme iron levels in the ground water. To learn more about this system, click here.