Ultraviolet Water Disinfection


Purewater uses cutting edge technology, such as UV Water Treatment and Disinfection.  UV Water Treatment is an effective way to disinfect water after it has already been filtered.  Purewater is a leader in commercial and industrial water filtration and processing.  We can handle virtually any industrial or commercial water project.

UV Water Filtration has become a popular way to kill bacteria and other organisms in water, and it is very effective.  It is important to clarify though, that this method of water treatment does not actually filter the water, it only disinfects it. 
UV water disinfection systems work by affecting the microorganisms in the water.  They alter the DNA in the cells and impede their reproduction.  UV treatment systems do not remove any organisms from the water they only inactivate them.  When used alone, UV disinfection systems do nothing to improve the taste, odor, or clarity of the water.  UV radiation is very effective at disinfecting water, but the disinfection only occurs inside the unit, there is no residual disinfection that occurs after water has already passed through the unit.  Because UV disinfection does not remove anything from the water or improve taste, odor, or clarity of the water, a UV disinfection system should be paired with a form of filtration.  Either a sediment filter or an activated carbon filter should be installed before water passes through the unit.  This filtration should take place before the UV disinfection because any particulate matter, color, and turbidity in the water will affect the transmission of light to the microorganisms and must be removed for successful and effective disinfection. 


Treatment Information

A typical UV water treatment system usually consists of a special quarts glass sleeve surrounded by a UV lamp.  The radiation from the UV lamp passes through this special glass sleeve and into the untreated water that runs through a thin film over the lamp.  The glass sleeve keeps the UV disinfection lamp at an ideal temperature of 104 degrees.  The UV lamp intensity will decrease over time and with use, so it is important to replace the UV lamp when needed.  UV disinfection systems can be equipped with a warning system to alert the owner when the UV lamp intensity falls below the germicidal range.