Open Loop HVAC Water Treatment Systems


Purewater recently worked with a company whose corporate headquarters building uses an open loop geothermal HVAC unit to heat and cool their corporate offices. To maximize the life of a HVAC system and have it run at peak efficiency, the water that is run through the heat exchange units must be filtered in order to remove solid particals and contaminants that might begin to wear on the system over time. In the case of this particular open loop HVAC system, this couldn't have been more true. You can see in the pictures below that show the conditions before Purewater was contracted to install a filtration system, there was heavy buildup of iron and other solid contaminants inside the pipes of the system.


Pureater was contaced because this company was dealing with the problem of high mineral content in the well water supply that was feeding the heat exchange units. Purewater proposed designing a high volume filtration system to remove the extreme iron levels in the ground water in order to protect the heat exchange units from excessive mineral build-up.


While desining this system, we took in to consideration the following:

1. The actual iron level (measured in ppm) found in the ground water

2. The well's production capability

3. required peat flow rates to maintain the heat exchange units operating paramaters (GPM and GPD)

4. Installed equipment space requirements

5. Power requirements

6. Ongoing maintenance requirements


Below you can see a few pictures showing the problems that they were experiencing. You can clearly see the mineral buildup in the system components that necessitated and industrial level water treatment system to treat the water feeding the HVAC system.


This picture shows a component of the well pump with susbstantial buildup of mineral and iron deposits

This picture shows a component of the well pump. As you can see in this picture there is a significan amount of buildup on the inside of the pump components. This buildup is composed of iron and other solid mineral deposits. This is one of the many pieces of equipment that was affected by the mineral buildup, and it is obvious from these pictures that some sort of industrial water filtration system was necessary.


Pipe header clogged with dried iron deposits.  Purewater created an indudstrial water filtration system to remedy this problem

The picture above shows a header that has significant iron and mineral buildup. Not only will this type of buildup make its way into the hvac unit without treatmeant and filtration, which will significantly shorten the life of the system, as well as increase necessary maintenance, but it is also clearly restricting and reducing the flow of water through the pipes. On this particular piece, it had reduced the flow by nearly 50%. Without and Industrial grade water filtration system, this problem would only continue and worsen, and the worse the problem gets, the more costly the repairs would be.


Iron buildup in pipe,  Purewater created a custom industrial grade water friltration and processing system to remedy this problem.

This is another picture of mineral buildup within the HVAC system supply pipes. Without an industrial grade filtration system, the water running through these pipes would simply continue to deposit iron and minerals until a significant repair or total replacement was required.


Industrial water filtration equipment installed at the Winrock Corporate Headquarters.  In the picture you can see the carbon filter tanks, pumps, and water retention tanks.

This is a picture of the Open Loop / Ground Water HVAC Filtration system that was installed by Purewater. The yellow/grey colored tanks are high volume Carbon filters designed to filter out iron and other solid particles that would otherwise clog and damage the HVAC system/ The large white tanks is a water retention tank that holds water from the well until it is filtered, processed, and run through the HVAC heat exchange units.


This picture shows a digital mockup of the entire Industrial Grade Ground Water HVAC Filtration system that Purewater designed for this corporate facility. As you can see from the diagram, the water is pumped from the well pump into retention tanks, and as it is needed by the heat exchangers, it is run through carbon filtration units and into the HVAC unit.


More technical informaion pertaining to these systems will be available soon.


Do you need an industrial water filtration system installed in your new or existing facility? Purewater can create systems to fit virtually any need. Call or e-mail us today. We would love to help you design a water filtration system to meet your needs.